Salute in taking the time to focus on your healing and wellness, you're not alone! Therapy is a healing process used to help enhance one's well-being through exploration, guidance and creating positive changes in handling current and future emotions, behaviors and beliefs, resulting from stress or other life-altering experiences.

We collaborate with providers to offer 8 free individual (1 on 1) sessions over two months with a licensed therapist to talk about current or past circumstances, conditions, and feelings. You decide what concerns you would like to address such as anxiety, relationships, trauma, identity, family struggles, parenting, work/life balance, addictions and/or masculinity etc. In our group sessions, led by a therapist facilitator, we provide safe, unbiased, and supportive space for Black men to share  similar struggles, frustrations and uncertainties with other Black men who are also committed to healing.


All sessions - individual or groups - are confidential.

Disclaimer: We have limited free mental health service opportunities. There is no guarantee of a matched and also likely to be a waiting period to receive the free services. Campaign for Black Men is NOT an emergency mental health service. If you or someone you know is in need of immediate or emergency mental health care please contact 911 or  311 for local Mental Health Crisis Resources. 



individual sessions