Our Mission

Campaign For Black Men is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free access to therapy services for Black Men in the Twin Cities. We are a third party agency that connects Black Men in need of mental health services to culturally relatable therapists who can meet their needs. Therapy can often be a intimidating space but we want to ensure your Black Men that they are in quality care for their healing. Generational trauma does not have to be our tomorrow because we are now afforded the chance today to break the cycle. Therapy is a vital yet often forgotten form of justice and reform of our mental health system. 

"For black males it is not common within our culture to share our feelings. As a male in general, culture says a male is weak for being vulnerable and recognizing his emotions. As a black male we need a safe space for our minds and hearts in this vicious world. Especially in the time we are in. We do not need to become numb and stuff our emotions. We owe it to ourselves and other young brown and black boys to understand the importance of processing our feelings and seeing it as a strength. We need to take care of minds and hearts because the world needs us."


                                                                                                                            - Zachary Stevenson, LMSW

              Campaign For Black Men Team Member 


Be Well. Be Whole. Be Free. 



Licensed Therapist, Minister, and Black Scholar 

Boston, Massachusetts


  • Alabama State University, BLA, Social Work

  • University of Connecticut, MSW, Masters in Social Work

  • Gordon-Conwell Theologocial Seminary, MAR, Masters in Arts and Religions focus in Black Christian Experience

  • Boston College, PhD Candidate of Theology and Ministry 

Zachary Stevenson, LMSW


Founder & Executive Director  

Minneapolis, Minnesota


  • University of Connecticut, BA, Urban & Community Studies

  • The Ohio State University, MCRP, City & Regional Planning

  • The Conway School of Landscape Design, Masters of Ecological Design

Breyonne Golding