Our Mission

The Campaign for Black Men Has Been Dissolved


The Campaign For Black Men was birthed from conversations surrounding the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.  The dialogue tapped into the silent pain black men carry, the struggles of seeking therapy and accessibility. Our aim-- provide a solution: The Campaign For Black Men - during a time where our Minneapolis and St. Paul communities needed it the most.


Since June 2020, Campaign For Black Men a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has provided free access to therapy services for Black Men in the Twin Cities. We had the honor to serve 38 black men and partner with 13 therapists who provided therapy services pro-bono or at a reduced cost ($10,000 value). In addition to the $5,400 dollars in donations to finance therapy services.  


The decision to dissolve the campaign has come about due to a lack of funding and limited staff capacity.  Thank you to all our partners (therapists, donors and advisors) for your dedication to this mission; an effort that would not have been possible without the following: 








We do have a comprehensive list of therapists of color, especially those of African descent in Minnesota. Please email us for that resource.

Be Well. Be Whole. Be Free. 



Licensed Therapist, Minister, and Black Scholar 

Boston, Massachusetts


  • Alabama State University, BLA, Social Work

  • University of Connecticut, MSW, Masters in Social Work

  • Gordon-Conwell Theologocial Seminary, MAR, Masters in Arts and Religions focus in Black Christian Experience

  • Boston College, PhD Candidate of Theology and Ministry 

Zachary Stevenson, LMSW


Founder & Executive Director  

Minneapolis, Minnesota


  • University of Connecticut, BA, Urban & Community Studies

  • The Ohio State University, MCRP, City & Regional Planning

  • The Conway School of Landscape Design, Masters of Ecological Design

Breyonne Golding